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Soap Box Derby Heating Up

8th September 2014

Competition is heating up for the Soap Box Derby with teams flat out bending, welding, sanding, greasing, painting and more in the effort to construct the fastest soap box in the land for the inaugural Tullamore Soap Box Derby.

Kids, girlfriends, wives, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers have been warned not to be surprised if that recently neglected go kart, toy tractor, bicycle, wheel barrow or sun lounger has gone to that great big recycling plant in the sky in the name of the Tullamore community spirit. The final countdown to noon on Sunday is on, when the first of the soap box cars will make their way down High Street on a custom designed track designed by Kenny Lyons Architects. The street will be transformed early on Sunday morning with hundreds of straw bales and barriers to ensure spectator safety. The go carts which have to fulfill certain size and safety requirements will be allowed a push start, and then make their way through a series of chicanes and ramps down to the finish line at the pedestrian lights at the Bridge Centre. With teams gathering from early Sunday morning to check-in their vehicles and help construct the track.

The event will start in earnest at 12 noon with a live sound feed from MCs and music pumping to help build an unique festival atmosphere – more details on http://www.tullamorefestival.com

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